miraculous recovery

miraculous recovery
surprising recuperation, surprising recovery from illness

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • recovery — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ amazing, astonishing (BrE), dramatic, excellent, miraculous, remarkable ▪ Laura made a miraculous recovery. ▪ good …   Collocations dictionary

  • miraculous — [[t]mɪræ̱kjʊləs[/t]] 1) ADJ GRADED If you describe a good event as miraculous, you mean that it is very surprising and unexpected. The horse made a miraculous recovery to finish a close third. ...a miraculous escape... The change in Felicity was… …   English dictionary

  • miraculous — adjective completely unexpected and usually resulting from extreme good luck: miraculous recovery/escape/improvement: It was thought she only had a month to live but she made a miraculous recovery. miraculously adverb …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

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